Price Comparisons

What makes Guatemala Dental Team the best choice for your dental needs?

We believe that it’s the details that make the difference. From our innovative dental technology and materials to our personalized, attentive service, you can count on Guatemala Dental Team to deliver a dental experience like no other – and a smile that you can be proud of!

For our international patients, another leading advantage of Guatemala Dental Team is our affordable prices. Since many Americans do not have dental insurance, and those that do have coverage for little more than routine dental work, the cost of more complex, especially cosmetic procedures, is extremely cost prohibitive in the U.S. By visiting Guatemala Dental Team, you can receive world-class dental work in a modern dental office at savings of 50% to 80% over standard U.S. prices.  Look a the price comparison for dental work below and see for yourself!

What is the cost savings for dental services in Guatemala?

To save thousands of dollars on your beautiful new smile, fill in the contact request below and one of our dentists will contact you in less than 24 hours!

This was a beautiful facility, the staff were very nice and very professional. I would highly recommend this dental clinic. If I ever return to Guatemala city and need dental work, I would definitely come here again!

Liz Mollers, Australia