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Full Mouth Rehabilitation for a Happy Patient

Price and Quality add up to a great patient experience!

Guatemala Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Before and After, Review, Testimonial“I felt moved to share my dental experience that I had here in Guatemala with those people who perhaps are in a similar situation as I was (needing a lot of dental work done, but can’t afford the inflated western prices).

I was living in lake Atitlan, Guatemala and getting ready to book a flight back to Cusco, Peru to see a great dentist I met while living there. She was nice, inexpensive, and provided good quality work. But I preferred to just stay here in Guatemala and get my teeth fixed. All the research I had done about the dentists here had proved to be too expensive for my budget. I needed a full dental restoration. All of my teeth were ground down to the point that I could hardly brush them any longer without feeling pain and it hurt almost every time I ate. My teeth were ultra-sensitive and exposed.

I did a Google search and saw Dr. Rodrigo’s website, but I didn’t call him because I figured his prices would also be out of my budget range. As I was getting ready to book a ticket to Peru, I decided to call him anyway. To my surprise, he answered the phone and we ended up talking for over 30 minutes. His attitude was one of service (not economically motivated) and I got the sense that he would be able to provide me with some really good quality work done at an affordable price.

He told me to send him some pictures of my teeth via email so that he could have some idea what he was dealing with. I liked that. The time he spent with me on the phone and his willingness to analyse my case made me comfortable and gave me a feeling of trust. After we talked a few times on the phone and he saw my dental pictures, he invited me to come to his office in Guatemala City so that he could do the more intricate evaluations necessary in order to formulate a sound treatment plan for me.

Being able to smile without any insecurity is refreshing!

I agreed, and went to see him a week later. He concurred that I needed a full restoration and we began this process the following week. It took only two visits to complete the major part of the surgery. One day was needed to prepare all my teeth for the crowns. Then after a 2 week rest, I returned, and he put all of my new crowns on.

His office was very modern and he had some equipment that I hadn’t even seen in the States before. He and his father are both dentists that work together. This is another important factor that I would like to point out. Dental work is in his blood, so to speak. Imagine how it would be to have your own private professor (his father) living with you, teaching you all the ‘inside knowledge’ of your chosen field of study. You would probably have an advantage and a higher understanding that most other students wouldn’t have. He said that the tips and wisdom that his father shared with him was more valuable than his years of dental school.

Another benefit of having your dental experience abroad is the personal attention you get from the dentists. I felt like I was sitting in the chair of my friend while he was working. The entire staff added to this relaxed energy.

After I had all my crowns put in, the doctor noticed that one of my crowns didn’t fit as well as it should; so he ordered a new one from the lab. If a crown doesn’t fit properly then it’s much easier for decay to settle into that tooth and so you would end up losing your crown much sooner, and would be more at risk of getting an infection, and/or needing a root canal. This attention to detail was extremely important.

In summary, I’m very satisfied with the final results of my treatment. I can now chew my food and brush my teeth without feeling any dental sensitivity. Being able to smile without the underlying insecurity that usually permeates one’s mind when they have ‘bad teeth’ is very refreshing, to the say the least.”