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Should I go to Mexico to get my teeth fixed?

Is that a question you have asked yourself?  Many Americans and Canadians have asked: Should I go to Mexico to get my teeth fixed?  Is there another place that is cheaper and safer to go?  The answer is Yes!  Guatemala is often overlooked when it comes to travel from the US and Canada.  Most of the press is negative and it just isn’t widely known.  However, by and large it is safer for tourists than any border town in Mexico, and the views, experiences, weather, costs, and so much more are much better!  While you are here for your dental […]

Is Guatemala safe?

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Many Americans and Canadians only hear about Guatemala from the news. And of course, the news never reports: “American couple has great vacation!” The only news you hear is the bad news. So that leads many to think it is unsafe to travel to Guatemala. The truth is there is some danger in traveling here. Just like there is danger traveling to New York, Los Angeles, or any other big city. But are you going to step out of the airport and get robbed or kidnapped? Not likely! As a whole the country is a beautiful loving place. But as […]

Dental Tourism

Do you love to eat sweets? Have your teeth started to protest? Maybe you need some serious dental work. You went to the dentist and found out it will cost you thousands of dollars! Dental work is not something we can afford to ignore, yet it is out of reach to many people that need it because of the skyrocketing costs. A simple root-canal, post, and crown can cost over $2000! For one tooth! What happens when you need 2 or 3? Most of us either have to use a credit card or live with the pain while we save […]

Get Your Smile Back in Guatemala

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Smile Makeovers in Guatemala Do you feel jealous when you see photos of people with perfect teeth? Does it make you feel bad to look in the mirror and see your crooked or damaged smile? Do you cringe when you think of how much it would cost to repair all the damage to your teeth? If so, you aren’t alone. There are thousands of people like you who are simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work to be done and the costs involved in achieving a beautiful smile. If you were born with bad teeth or have seen your […]

Teeth Whitening for a Healthy Beautiful Smile

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Are your teeth stained or discoloured? Would you like them gleam like the teeth you see on television commercials? A beautiful white smile is possible when you choose to work with the qualified team of professionals at Guatemala Dental Team. Dental whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure that may lighten a patient’s smile and give their teeth a bright, yet natural color. Dental whitening treatment is one of the most popular dental aesthetic procedures in the world because of the outstanding results. Among the benefits of dental whitening, your teeth will appear cleaner and healthier. A nice smile often improves […]

Full Mouth Rejuvenation

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Rejuvenate Your Smile with the Guatemala Dental Team Both men and women are attracted to people with smiles that flash healthy, white teeth. Why? It’s simply because good teeth indicate both youth and good health. Healthy, attractive teeth and an easy smile are physical features that we are naturally attracted to. But not everyone was born with great-looking teeth. Others have lost teeth due to accidents or disease. But getting a full mouth rejuvenation (sometimes called full-mouth reconstruction, restoration or rehabilitation) can be expensive in countries like the United States and Canada. That’s why people from all over the world […]