Should I go to Mexico to get my teeth fixed?

Is that a question you have asked yourself?  Many Americans and Canadians have asked: Should I go to Mexico to get my teeth fixed?  Is there another place that is cheaper and safer to go?  The answer is Yes!  Guatemala is often overlooked when it comes to travel from the US and Canada.  Most of the press is negative and it just isn’t widely known.  However, by and large it is safer for tourists than any border town in Mexico, and the views, experiences, weather, costs, and so much more are much better!  While you are here for your dental work you can climb a volcano, visit Mayan ruins, see a UNESCO heritage city dating from the 1500’s, all for a fraction of the price!  Our offices are state of the art and will rival even the best dental offices in the States and Canada.  Our dentists are very experienced and have decades of happy customers.  To see just how much you can save click HERE.  And if you want to see why Guatemala is so great, click HERE.

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