How Good are Dentists Outside the United States and Canada?

This is a question many people have when they are considering Dental Tourism.  They cannot afford to get their teeth fixed correctly in the United States, but they also cannot afford to have their teeth repaired incorrectly.  This could lead to even bigger dental bills later.  So they wonder: How good are dentists outside the United States and Canada?  Well the simple answer is: Yes and No.  Just as not all dentists in the USA and Canada are of the same quality (Believe us, we have seen some terrible work!) there is a wide range of quality outside the United States as well.  So then, how do you choose which dentist to go to?

The first thing to do is do your research.  Google reviews is a good place to start.  But be careful. because as with any business, some of the reviews are fake.  Another great source is  They make sure that any doctor or dentist on there site is a legitimate doctor.  They also have reviews from customers who have been to the different clinics.  There are other ways to find reviews and recommendations as well, so look around.

Finally, call the clinic.  If the doctor is worth visiting he will be able to answer all your questions and concerns.  While talking with the doctor try to get a feel for him or her.  Many times you can learn a lot about how they treat their patients from the way they conduct themselves on the phone.  So don’t go for the flashy salesman (many clinics have professional salesman that answer calls instead of a doctor) or the guy who barely speaks English and cannot answer all your questions.  Instead go with the doctor that makes you feel comfortable.  Go with the clinic where you will make a friend as well as getting the needed work done.

Here at Guatemala Dental Team we have glowing reviews from our international customers.  Just check out our testimonials.  We even have video testimonials so you can see we didn’t just write our own reviews.  We have a state of the art clinic, as well as our own lab to make sure that every step of your treatment is up to the highest standards.  And finally one of our doctors will contact you personally to discuss your treatment.  That way you can get to know exactly what you will need, but also the person who will be doing your work.  That is important when choosing a doctor who is just as good as any in the United States and Canada.

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