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Many Americans and Canadians only hear about Guatemala from the news. And of course, the news never reports: “American couple has great vacation!” The only news you hear is the bad news. So that leads many to think it is unsafe to travel to Guatemala. The truth is there is some danger in traveling here. Just like there is danger traveling to New York, Los Angeles, or any other big city. But are you going to step out of the airport and get robbed or kidnapped? Not likely! As a whole the country is a beautiful loving place. But as in any 3rd world country, there is some extreme poverty which does lead to an increase in petty crime. So you do need to be aware not to wear flashy jewelry or clothing. Don’t walk the streets late at night by yourself. And, stay away from the more dangerous areas of Guatemala City. But unless you are looking for trouble you should have no problem avoiding those areas. Much of the city, including where the office is located are just as nice as any upscale neighborhood in Miami, LA, or Seattle. There are great restaurants, shopping and hotels all within walking distance. Just be careful crossing the street, you might get hit by a Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche! So is Guatemala safe? By and large, yes! Just be smart and aware and you should have a wonderful vacation and a beautiful smile when you return home!

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