Dr. Rodrigo Guerra Arriaga

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Rodrigo Guerra Arriaga, Guatemala Dental Surgeon

About Dr. Rodrigo Guerra

Dental Surgeon, code: 3397

Dr. Rodrigo Guerra, a Dental Surgeon with Guatemala Dental Team, graduated from the Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala).

Dr. Guerra has inherited from his grandfather and father the tradition for quality and perfection in his work as well as a dedication to his patients – characteristic of the Guerra doctors for 3 generations.

He is experienced in both the technical and clinical fields of prosthetics and dental cosmetics. Dr. Guerra’s expertise in this area has enabled him to become an advisor and leader in the field to his peers.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Guerra works with the Rotary Club’s one-day dental clinics to care for poor patients in some of the country’s most remote locations.

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