Dental Testimonials

At Guatemala Dental Team, we work hard to meet your every need while creating the smile of your dreams.

Read more below about our patients personal experiences at our clinic.


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Dr. Guerra did all the work really well and very quickly. The office was clean and tidy, the staff was very friendly and the price was good. My experience was good and I would highly recommend this place!

Francine Calder, US

I’m very satisfied with the final results of my treatment! I can now chew my food and brush my teeth without feeling sensitive all the time. Being able to smile without the underlying insecurity that usually permeates one’s mind when they have ‘bad teeth’ is very refreshing, to the say the least.

Donald Lynch, US

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Mark Mcgowan and Christine Bush from Canada

I was referred here by a friend and was very happy that she did refer me! I have found that Dr. Guerra (both junior and senior) both to be very nice and very caring. They have a personal touch from the first contact to email through all the work that was done.

I would strongly recommend this service to anybody and everybody!

Mark Mcgowan and Christine Bush, Canada

We decided to go to Guatemala for dental care for the whole family. Our kids needed their wisdom teeth pulled, as well as family checkups.

The communication with the clinic was perfect beforehand. They helped with hotel arrangements and scheduling our appointments. They even provided us with a cell phone to contact the doctors anytime.

Everything went perfectly. I couldn't be happier with the experience. With the money we saved, we paid for a great vacation in Guatemala.

Heidi Shepard

Treatment Received: Dental Cleaning, Oral Surgery

The service from Guatemala Dental Team was sensational! They offered me sedation which made it very easy for me to stay calm during my treatment. I had a beautiful view of the city while sitting in one of the dental chairs.

Eleonora, Guatemala

Treatment Received: Porcelain Crowns

Guatemala Dental Team Patient

I really enjoyed the care – it was super clean, comfortable and the staff was really efficient. The doctor gave us everything we needed to take care of our teeth. It was a beautiful place to stay – we got to visit Antigua, shop, and hike volcanoes. Really good food and I felt very safe.

Emma Shepard

Treatment Received: Oral Surgery, Dental Cleaning

Guatemala Dental Team Patient

I have heard a lot of really cool things about Guatemala. We saved a lot of money on our dental work by coming here. Working with Dr. Guerra was an awesome experience. He will go out of his way to help you, the staff are warm and friendly, and the oral surgeon was super-experienced and a super friendly guy. Great team to be with!

Nathan Shepard

Treatment Received: Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, Crown and Cleaning

This was a beautiful facility, the staff were very nice and very professional. I would highly recommend this dental clinic. If I ever return to Guatemala city and need dental work, I would definitely come here again!

Liz Mollers, Australia

Treatment Received: Oral Surgery

Guatemala Dental Team Patient

From the moment I went into the clinic, the staff made me feel comfortable. Dr. Rodrigo, apart from assessing how serious the break was, he discovered that the adjacent tooth had a small fracture, which could affect me in the long term. He gave me several options to fix both teeth and recommended veneers.

The care that I received was excellent. They not only focused on fixing my problem; they also considered how I would feel with the procedures that they would perform and left no detail to chance.

What I realized is that, in addition to being excellent professionals, they have great empathy, which instills confidence in patients as to their treatment.